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Meet the Team

Image by Joe Pilié

The Agave Family!

As the heart of Agave Family Medicine & Breastfeeding Support Center, our passionate team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of medical care. Each of our health professionals and staff have the experience, expertise and compassion to ensure your treatments are handled in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Reach out today to learn more.


Cadey Harrel, MD

Founding Physician

Dr. Cadey Harrel is a board certified family physician, and founder of Agave Family Medicine & Breastfeeding Support Center. Previously she was Assistant Professor of Family & Community Medicine at the University of Arizona in South Tucson, where she developed a dedicated women's health and breastfeeding medicine clinic in addition to teaching future family physicians how to care for patients of all walks of life! She embarked on this new endeavor to pursue a longtime vision of Agave, caring for patients in the context of their families, with an emphasis on women's health, pediatrics, and breastfeeding medicine. In her free time, Dr. Harrel enjoys spending time with her family, two dogs, hiking, and gardening. She is currently accepting patients of all ages. 

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